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Mary The Mother of Jesus

A YOUNG GIRL FROM JUDEA LEARNS SHE WILL BEAR THE SON OF GOD The miraculous events surrounding Jesus’s birth begin with a couple in Judea: a young virgin named Mary and her fiance Joseph. A VIRGIN IS STARLED The story begins with an unexpected visitor. The angel Gabriel appears to Mary, a young virgin. She […]

Seven Churches Tour and Information

Locations of Seven Churches The seven churches in book of Revelation address to seven literal churches mentioned in Revelation, Chapters 2 and 3. These early Christian churches were located western part of Turkey used to be known as Asia Minor. The archaeological remains of all seven locations currently exist in present-day Turkey. Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, […]

John and the Qumran Community

  The archaeological site of Qumran on the West Bank is close to the caves where a Bedouin shepherd found the Dead  Sea Scrolls in the winter of 1947. Those texts have much in common with John the  Baptist’s sermons. Some experts have suggested that John was a member of the community of Qumran, possibly […]


THE STORIES OF THE TORAH FROM THE BOOK OF GENESIS TO THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY The first five books of Hebrew Scripture—the Old Testament—form a collection known as the Torah, or Law. The Book of Genesis describes the principal themes that run through the biblical stories: the role of God as the source of moral […]

Jesus And His Disciples

Jesus And His Disciples One of the greatest figures in human history grows up in humble circumstances. Jesus leaves home at the age of 30 to begin his ministry, then later his disciples spread the Gospel message. MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: The Gospel Writers THE GOSPELS TELL US MOST OF […]

Stephen Christianity’s First Martyr

A BELIEVER IS STONED TO DEATH BY AN ANGRY MOB Stephen Christianity’s First Martyr VERSE TO KNOW: 2 ‘’ Lord, do not hold this sin against them.’’ (Acts 7:60) Stephen, a deacon in the new church, distributes food and aid to Christianity’s poorer members and counsels forgiveness of sins through Jesus. He is so skillful […]